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20 Nov 2018

Council and EP fail to reach agreement on EU 2019 budget

The conciliation period between the Council and the European Parliament (EP) expired on 19 November 2018, without an agreement having been reached on the European Union's 2019 budget. The positions of the two institutions with regard to the European Commission's initial budget proposal differ to an extent that they failed to reach an agrement. Amongst other issues, the differences concerned the EP's wish to reallocate unused funds from 2017 to complement Horizon 2020 for 2019, also in view of strengthening research policy as a priority for the next Multiannual Financial Framework. The Council had reservations on this issue, stating that this would create a precedent, with unknown consequences for the future.

The Commission will now table a new draft budget at the end of November. Negotiations between Council and the EP will then continue with a view of finding an agreement before the end of the year. If, at the beginning of next year, the EU budget has not yet been definitively adopted, the system of provisional twelves applies. This means that not more than one twelfth of the budget appropriations for the previous year may be spent each month.

For more information:

Council - press release

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