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11 Dec 2018

CESAER reacts to pilot call for European Universities

The universities of Science and Technology (S&T) united within CESAER have issued a statement in reaction of the launch of the pilot call on European Universities within the Erasmus+ programme, including recommendations for the development and upscaling of the pilot call.

The CESAER universities emphasise that for the European University alliances to have the full intended impact in cooperation between higher education institutions, it is vital that the full knowledge triangle should be addressed, giving due importance to education, research and innovation. Qualitative aspects are essential: the curricula should be based on excellent research, including technology, entrepreneurship and arts.

The association states that training highly skilled graduates in disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) with the skills required for the 21st Century is vital for Europe to be a globally leading knowledge society. Therefore, future evaluation criteria should consider STEAM topics positively.

The pilot call for European Universities will support institutions in implementing the first steps, however, applicants are asked to respond with a long-term vision for collaboration which will require significantly higher funding than currently provided. CESAER therefore urges the European Commission to ensure that adequate financing is available to maintain long-term and sustainable collaborations in the Erasmus Programme 2021.

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