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11 Jan 2019

EUA comments on negotiation issues regarding Horizon Europe

The European University Association (EUA) has published a comment entitled "Towards a more efficient use of resources in Horizon Europe: Where do we stand?".

Looking back at the negotiation process on Horizon Europe so far, the EUA comments on the trilogues between the European Parliament (EP) and Council that lie ahead. EUA sees the major controversies between the positions of the two institutions in a programme budget increase from EUR 94.1 billion - as proposed by the Commission and backed by some Member States - to EUR 120 billion as agreed by the EP; modalities to widen participation in the programme; and the excellence principle as opposed to the provision of a dedicated financial support to lower income countries.

In addition, EUA calls for tackling the issue of low participation rates in Horizon 2020, for instance by increasing synergies among EU-funded programmes to finance excellent but unsuccessful Horizon 2020 proposals. It also calls for simplifying project application, implementation and auditing phases, referring to the European Court of Auditors' special report published in November 2018 that also highlights the need to further reduce red tape in the programme.

To read the full EUA comment, click here.

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