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04 Mar 2019

Commission publishes report on insights from R&I on plastics

In the context of the presentation of the report on the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Commission has published a report on insights from research and innovation on plastics. The report highlights a broad range of challenges and opportunities along the plastics value chain. Based on scientific evidence, the insights presented contribute to the transition towards plastic production from renewable feedstock and product design for use, reuse, repair, and mechanical, chemical, or organic recycling. In addition, the report explains how systemic change can be supported by innovation in business models, collection systems, and sorting and recycling technologies. By providing recommendations for sectoral policymaking and insights for strategic programming from a research and innovation perspective, it aims to inform policymakers, ranging from EU institutions to local authorities, researchers, innovators and other interested stakeholders.

The report can be downloaded here.

EC Press Release on the Implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan


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