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21 Mar 2019

LERU welcomes partial political agreement on Horizon Europe

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, has welcomed the agreement reached early on 20 March 2019 between the European Parliament (EP), the Council and the European Commission (EC) on Horizon Europe, pointing out that a (partial) deal on Horizon Europe before the EP elections was needed to allow a smooth transition from the current FP to the next, and for the EC to be able to start the strategic programming.

With regard to the content of the agreement, LERU particularly welcomes the compromise that was reached on widening participation. The association stresses that in addition to missions, partnerships, the European Innovation Council and widening measures, the well-established successful parts of the Framework Programme (FP), such as the European Research Council, the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions and the ‘regular’ collaborative projects in pillar II will also need sufficient funding in the future. LERU therefore again calls for a doubling of the total budget of the FP compared to the EC proposal for the next MFF, or at the very least, to follow the proposal made by the European Parliament to allocate € 120 billion to Horizon Europe. As the participation of non-EU countries in Horizon Europe is not part of the partial political agreement, LERU also calls for agreeing speedily on the rules on association, making it possible for the UK and Switzerland to get fully associated to the programme.

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