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04 Apr 2019

Research ministers discuss widening participation in Bucharest

Upon invitation by the Romanian Presidency, Research ministers met for an informal meeting in Bucharest on 3 April 2019. One of the topics discussed was the innovation divide between low R&I performing members states and more advanced EU members. Around 3.3 % of the budget for Horizon Europe will be dedicated to activities for widening the participation of low performing countries. Austria, as well as other EU member states, take a rather critical approach towards these measures. Minister Heinz Faßmann underlinded that, while the widening instruments of the Framework Programme are valuable, the respective Member States have to implement national measures and invest at national level as well. The second topic for discussion was R&I cooperation in the Black Sea region. The Romanian Presidency will hold a conference on sustainable development around the Black Sea on 8/9 May in Bucharest.

A press release of the Romanian Presidency can be downloaded here.

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