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15 Apr 2019

PSF article looks at stimulating science-business links

An article published by the Horizon Europe Policy Support Facility (PSF) looks at lessons from the PSF regarding science- business links (SBL) which are an important element of research and innovation (R&I) policies in EU Member States and in countries associated to Horizon 2020. SBL remain high on the policy agenda of several countries as they try to catch up with innovation leaders in the EU by leveraging their science base and research investment for the benefit of the national economy and society. These vital links foster knowledge transfer from research to business and facilitate research and business collaborations which make companies more competitive, leading to increased employment, and helping to address societal challenges such as clean energy and better health systems.

The article was written by Manfred Spiesberger from the Austrian Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI).

Stimulating science-business links: lessons from the Policy Support Facility

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