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02 May 2019

The Guild publishes recommendations for transition towards Open Acess

On 2 May 2019, the Guild has published  a position paper presenting its proposals for a successful transition towards Open Access. Ahead of the publication of Plan S’ revised Implementation Guidance, the paper outlines how Plan S can be enhanced to realise the ambitions of Open Science. 

The Guild welcomes the efforts of research funders and of the European Commission in moving forward with Open Access, and calls for universities  to be at the centre of the debate concerning its implementation, which should be based on a staged approach and promote care before speed. In the paper the following issues are recommended:

  • Involve universities in the staged implementation of Open Access and promote care before speed.
  • Focus on positive rewards and incentives to achieve changes in behaviour.
  • Support scholarly-centred and sustainable Open Access publishing models that maximise the benefits of research. 
  • Clarify Plan S’ scope by explicitly excluding underlying data.
  • Avoid fragmentation, which can be detrimental to research collaboration, and ensure coherence between Plan S and the Open Access approach in Horizon Europe.

Position Paper Open Access and the implementation of Plan S



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