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09 Jul 2019

Eurostat report looks at mobility of people in Europe

Eurostat, the European statistics office, has released a digital publication "People on the move - statistics on mobility on Europe". The report looks at mobility in connection with migration, education, work or tourism and provides key figures on this topic. These include, for instance, the fact that among the half a billion people living in the EU, 8% do not have the nationality of their country of residence. 1.3 million Europeans live in one country, but work in another, and 1.7 million EU students study abroad.

The publication is divided into four chapters:

  • "European melting pot" describes people entering and exiting the EU Member States, including data on the nationality of EU residents, migration, and people acquiring citizenship and getting residence permits.
  • "Studying and working abroad" gives an overview of students studying abroad, commuters who cross the borders of their country or region to go to work, and the employment situation of non-nationals of EU Member States. 
  • "Trains, planes and automobiles" focuses on how people travel to work and elsewhere, also including data on how many cars there are in the EU and how old they are, the number of people travelling by plane and by ship, or the busies ports and airports in the EU.
  • "Out and about" focuses on tourism. It describes whether people travel for work or leisure, where they go, where they stay and how much they spend.

For more information:

Eurostat - press release

"People on the move - statistics on mobility on Europe"


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