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27 Aug 2019

RIO publishes documents on Specific Support to Latvia, Malta and Tunisia

The European Commission has published several new documents relating to Policy Support Facility (PSF) activities on its Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) website.

The "Specific Support to Latvia II: Background Report" provides background information on the Latvian research and innovation system with specific focus on human capital for research and innovation. It includes a concise overview of Latvia’s current performance in research and innovation, and the defined national priorities and targets for research and innovation system development, as well as recent achievements in fulfilling the set objectives.

The "Specific Support to Malta Factsheet" outlines the objectives and scope of this Specific Support exercise. The aim is to provide external advice and operational recommendations on an Open Access policy to the country’s authorities. The objective is to enable Malta to adopt a timely and effective path towards achieving European goals related to Open Access and bridging the gap with other leading Member States in this area. The exercise will focus on a) defining the vision, goals and scope of the national Open Access policy; and b) clarifying the requirements for implementing the Open Access policy, including the required infrastructure and resources to support it and ensure timely compliance. The PSF exercise started in July 2019 and is due to be completed in October 2019.

The "Specific Support to Tunisia Final Report" presents the outcome of the PSF exercise for Tunisia. The Tunisian government requested specific support from the PSF, as a basis for improving the definition of research priorities and promoting private participation in research and development. The PSF panel of four independent experts supported by two national peers worked from March to December 2018, including two missions to Tunisia to consult stakeholders and discuss potential recommendations. The final report was formally presented to the Tunisian government and stakeholder community in Tunis during September 2019. The PSF panel identified three key policy messages that underpin thirteen more detailed recommendations:

  1. Set up the right conditions for enabling effective R&I policy development;
  2. Strengthen synergies and coordination across R&I stakeholders and funding flows around well-selected priorities;
  3. Foster the engagement and performance of all key operators of the innovation ecosystem through well-designed incentives and support tools.
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