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21 Oct 2019

Germany announces three new research infrastructures in national R&I Roadmap

Germany has published its 2019 German National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, which includes three new research infrastructures:

  • ERC 2.0 (Ernst-Ruska-Centre), an infrastructure for high-resolution electron microscopy at the Jülich Research Centre,
  • ACTRIS-D, as the German part of the ESFRI project ACTRIS,
  • LPI (Leibniz-Zentrum für Photonik in der Infektionsforschung), an infrastructure for photonic methods in the research and treatment of infectious diseases.

All three projects receive priority in the national federal funding for design and implementation phase in the coming years. These costs are in excess of € 50 million per project (as required for the German Roadmap Process), and the operational costs will be borne by the participating organisations.

For more information:

ESFRI - News

More information about the German RI Roadmap (DE) here (in German)

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