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18 Nov 2019

PSF publishes Peer Review of Danish R&I system

In the context of the Policy Support Facility, a group of international experts have reviewed the Danish innovation system. They conclude that Denmark’s innovation system performs well, in particular in R&D related to life sciences, where Denmark is world class. There are also several other areas in which Denmark has evolved as an innovation hub, for example, in wind energy and robotics. Many strengths contribute to these  achievements, such as a highly innovative business sector, strong human capital, and world-class research capacity. The analysis shows no immediate threats to this position, fully reflective of Denmark’s position as a European if not global innovation leader.

Although the reviewers did not see an immediate threat, they find that Denmark could do better in terms of how strengths are translated into results and in its response to structural changes in the global innovation landscape. Based on this assessment, the Panel suggests a two-pronged approach for strengthening the Danish innovation system. The first set of recommended actions outlines ten actions to improve the performance of individual elements of the Danish innovation system. The second set of recommendations concerns defining a stronger strategic ambition for Denmark, providing a more coherent structure for aligning individual actions and policies towards a common goal.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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