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13 Jan 2020

PSF publishes background report on Specific Support to Cyprus

The European Commission's Policy Support Facility (PSF) has published a background report on its Specific Support to Cyprus on its Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) website. The Cypriot Government expressed its interest in a PSF Specific Support activity focused on the optimal use of public research infrastructures and laboratories by the business community. 

This report aims to provide the main background information regarding the area of interest. The report starts with an overview of the economic performance of Cyprus and the structural characteristics of the economy. The economic overview is followed by an analysis of the performance of the research and innovation system. The analysis focuses on both the supply and demand sides and their interaction. The analysis of the governance system and the policy mix for the support of the collaboration between science and business is examined. Emphasis is given on the regulatory framework and the institutional policies and rules that influence the collaboration between public research organisation and companies.

Specific Support to Cyprus - Background Report

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