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28 Feb 2020

Research Ministers adopt EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda and discuss future approach to international cooperation in R&I

At their first formal meeting during the Croatian Presidency, Research Ministers agreed on the Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) for the EIT 2021-2027. The overall budget still being unclear, Ministers negotiated on the basis of 3 bn € which is the Commission's proposal for the EIT in Horizon Europe. The vast majority of this funding will be used to support the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) already up and running. An important objective for the oncoming period will be the efforts for KICs to reach financial sustainability in order to continue their operation after the period of EU funding (a maximum of 15 years). A clear priority in the new SIA is the opening of the existing networks and reaching out to new members in order to fulfill the mission of the EIT across Europe. Ministers also decided to start a new KIC in the area of “cultural and creative industries”.

The policy debate on international collaboration showed very much coherence between Member States and the Commission. International Collaboration was considered a very important aspect of the EU’s R&I policy as well as for the implementation of Horizon Europe. The general approach proposed by the Commission for third country participation in Horizon Europe was broadly supported by Member States. Another aspect of the discussion was the search for talent. This issue showed a clear EU-internal dimension addressed by the Croatian Presidency priority on “Brain circulation” as well as a global dimension in which the EU fights for talent globally in order to secure and increase its competitiveness.

In the course of the discussion, Commissioner Gabriel expressed her idea of a pilot project for the abolition of the living allowance correction coefficient in selected Marie Curie actions. Several countries supported the idea, but others could not see an advantage in this measure in regard to more justice or an additional value for avoiding brain drain from respective European regions.

Council Press Release

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