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27 Mar 2020

Deadline for proposals for ESFRI Roadmap 2021 extended to 9 September

ESFRI has decided to extend the deadline for the presentation of new Proposals for Research Infrastructure Projects for the ESFRI Roadmap 2021 update to allow more time for the preparation of high quality applications. The new deadline will be 9 September 2020. In the face of the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak, and the resulting impact on the ability of research organisations to effectively collaborate across countries, the extension was made. ESFRI still plans to present the new Roadmap in Autumn 2021.

Currently, ESFRI is gathering information on the special actions, services and resources that Research Infrastructures are developing to facilitate the research and innovation needed to address the COVID-19 outbreak and its long-term consequences. This information will be published on the ESFRI website soon.


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