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20 Apr 2020

Commission launches data sharing platform for researchers

On 20 April 2020, the European Commission together with several partners launched a European COVID-19 Data Platform to enable the rapid collection and sharing of available research data. The platform is one of the first concrete actions under the ERAvsCorona Action Plan, a joint effort by the EU and all MS to strengthen coordination and support for our researchers in the fight against coronavirus.

The aim of the COVID-19 Data Portal is to facilitate data sharing and analysis, and to accelerate coronavirus research. An unprecedented number of scientific efforts are taking place worldwide in order to help combat the new coronavirus epidemic. One of the biggest challenges in this context is to share data and findings in a coordinated way, in order to understand the disease and to develop treatments and vaccines. To address this challenge, EMBL-EBI has set up the COVID-19 Data Portal, which will bring together relevant datasets submitted to EMBL-EBI and other major centres for biomedical data.

COVID-19 Data Portal

EC Press Release


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