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23 Apr 2020

'Smart Separations' wins EIC ePitching with its COVID-19 solution

Hugo Macedo (Photo credit: EASME)

On 15 April 2020, seven EIC-backed innovators presented their COVID-19 solutions in front of investors during a dedicated European Innovation Council (EIC) ePitching session. The seven finalists had six minutes of pitching followed by five minutes of Q&A to convince the jury of investors of their solution to help fight COVID-19. At the end of the session, the participants had the opportunity to vote for the SME with the most convincing solution and pitch.

Smart Separations, represented by its CEO and founder Hugo Macedo, was selected as winner. The other six finalists were: Cellply, EpiEndo Pharmacauticals, EpiGuard, OTR3 , Respinova Ltd. and SwissDeCode. Smart Separations has developed a nano technology-based smart coating, which destroys viruses, bacteria and mold. The coating is used on their ceramic filters that block particles efficiently. Both the coating and filters act on air and surfaces, two of the main ways that Coronavirus spreads.

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