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27 Apr 2020

EUA publishes position on the future of European Universities Initiative

On 27 April 2020, EUA published the position “The future of the European Universities Initiative – the sector’s perspective” together with the results of the recent EUA survey on international strategic institutional partnerships and the European Universities Initiative. Endorsed by the EUA Council, the position supports the initiative and calls for it to remain open and flexible, so that it allows universities to grow and deepen their cooperation according to their strategy and priorities. According to EUA, the Initiative should also be used as an additional way to address obstacles to transnational collaboration and work towards greater compatibility of systems across Europe, building on and embedded in the work in the framework of the Bologna Process and the European Research Area.

In the position paper, EUA calls on the European Commission, the EU Member States in Council and the European Parliament to consider the following seven points for the future development of the initiative:

1. The European Universities Initiative must be seen as an additional way to explore strategic cooperation, identify challenges and propose solutions. 2. The alliances must have leeway to be innovative and creative.
3. The diverse ways of collaborating must be preserved.
4. The initiative must encompass all university missions in a bottom-up approach.
5. Fostering cohesion within Europe and contributing to competitiveness must be key objectives.
6. Participation should be further opened to promote international competitiveness.
7. Long-term sustainability requires continued political and financial support.

The full position paper can be downloaded here.

The future of the European Universities Initiative

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