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04 May 2020

ERC supports Global Biodata Coalition

The European Research Council (ERC) has issued a statement declaring its support for a new initiative, the Global Biodata Coalition. Pointing out that the ERC requires its grantees to adhere to the principles of Open Science for publications and encourages them to deposit their data in accordance with the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable), and that therefore funders need to encourage the establishment and maintenance of such repositories in all displines, the ERC released this statement on 30 April 2020.

The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) is a coalition of funders of Biodata Resources. Its goal is to enable those funders to better coordinate and manage their funding, to ensure sustained support and to prioritize support for a set of Global Core Data Resources  ("Nature 543, 179(2017)").

Currently funding for such resources, which are increasingly important in biomedical and environmental research, comprise less than 1% of funding for research in this area. These data are essential for ERC’s Life Science researchers and for frontier developments in biotechnological applications and pharma. They are increasingly used in clinical and environmental settings, where researchers both provide and use the data. To implement Open Science targets for FAIR sharing of data, serious consideration of these issues is required. In the physical sciences and engineering, and in the social sciences and humanities, all of which generate increasing amounts of data, similar initiatives would also be welcomed, where they do not yet exist. 

The ERC also encourages both researchers and funders in the Life Sciences to support and engage with this process, to enable the development of a coherent, integrated, robust global data infrastructure for the biological, environmental and medical sciences.

ERC - press release

Global Biodata Coalition

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