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11 May 2020

Council publishes April 2020 issue of Think Tank Review

The Library of the Council of the European Union has published the April 2020 edition of its monthly Think Tank Review. The special focus of the current issue is COVID-19, covering all the repercussions and consequences of the pandemic in the EU and its member states, in international relations and beyond:

  • economic effects and fundamental challenges for the European project;
  • 'whatever it takes' must be the motto for preserving lives and reducing the impact on the economy;
  • a strong and coordinated budgetary and monetary response from policy-makers at all levels of government in Europe are required;
  • coronavirus as a catalyst for a fundamental redistribution of power;
  • monitoring Covid contagion growth in Europe.

Other topics covered include amongst others the ECB's limits in restoring sustainable growth, labour regulations in the age of artificial intelligence, or the implications of the corona crisis for the European Green Deal.

Think Tank Review 77


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