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26 May 2020

ERA-LEARN publishes Annual Report on Public-Public Partnerships 2019

On 26 May 2020, ERA LEARN published its 5th Annual Report on Public-Public Partnerships 2019. The report provides key facts and figures on the evolving P2P landscape, examples of good practice, and information on monitoring and evaluation of EuropeanPartnerships under Horizon Europe.

The report starts with a short overview of the work of ERA-LEARN and some insight into the current situation on European Partnerships and Horizon Europe. It then provides an update regarding the evolving P2P landscape in relation to calls, committed budgets and transnational projects. This is followed by a description of some of the highlights from 2019 across all network types, an outlook on future planned activities, an overview of the monitoring and impact assessment requirements in Horizon Europe, and some aggregated country level data prepared as part of a series of country reports being published by ERA-LEARN.

Annual Report on Public-Public Partnerships 2019


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