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08 Jun 2020

EUA stresses importance of university cooperation after Brexit

In a statement issued on 5 June 2020, the European University Association (EUA) highlights the benefits of continued cooperation in research and education between the EU and the United Kingdom (UK) after the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. Stating that negotiations are entering a critical phase, EUA calls on both parties to look for compromise and not to lose sight of the fact that continued cooperation in research, innovation and education is highly beneficial for all involved. Given the limited amount of time left for the negotiations, the association sees "a real danger that the close relation in research and higher education will be at risk: not only because of the failure to reach agreement in other areas, but also potentially if the parties do not show the necessary will to compromise on practical topics, even if they agree on the common goal".

There has been wide consensus in both the EU and the UK that research and higher education are areas of common interest and that cooperation can and should continue using the existing possibilities for third countries, in this case the UK, to associate to Horizon Europe and Erasmus+, for mutual benefit. EUA states that that the results of the programmes are of mutual benefit, and UK participation should be seen as part of a common investment that allows the best minds to work together across borders and gives students the opportunity of a life-changing international experience. The UK financial contribution should have a relation to participation in the programme as a third country and to the size of the UK economy.

On behalf of its members, EUA reiterates the strong and repeated common wish of universities in the EU and the UK to continue to collaborate, and that keeping the UK universities in EU programmes is a high priority across the continent and is clearly both in the common interest and achievable. EUA therefore calls on negotiators on both sides to look for a compromise on the details and never lose sight of the big picture.

For more information:

EUA - press release

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