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12 Oct 2020

EC invites H2020 participants to sign 'Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research'

The European Commission (EC) has launched a manifesto to maximise the accessibility of research results in the fight against COVID-19. The manifesto provides guiding principles for beneficiaries of EU research grants for coronavirus prevention, testing, treatment and vaccination to ensure that their research results will be accessible for all and guarantee a return on public investment. The EC is inviting project partners of Horizon 2020 projects to endorse the manifesto.

By signing the document, organisations commit to the following:

  • making generated project results public and accessible without delay;
  • making scientific papers and research data available in open access without delay and following the FAIR principles;
  • where possible, granting for a limited time non-exclusive royalty-free licences on the intellectual property resulting from EU-funded research.

According to the EC, the endorsement of the manifesto is a policy statement that does not have legal implications (see FAQ).

For detailed information on the manifesto click here.

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