Towards a modern, more European copyright framework


EU copyright rules need to be adapted so that all market players and citizens can seize the opportunities of this new environment. A more European framework is needed to overcome fragmentation and frictions within a functioning single market.

The modernisation of EU copyright rules was first announced in President Juncker’s Political Guidelines for the incoming Commission and further outlined in the digital single market strategy.2 It aims to achieve a wide availability of creative content across the EU, to make sure that EU copyright rules continue to provide a high level of protection for right holders, and to maintain a good balance with other public policy goals, like education, research and innovation, or equal access for persons with disabilities, in the digital environment.

The Commission considers it necessary to:
• inject more single market and, where warranted, a higher level of harmonisation into the current EU copyright rules, particularly by addressing aspects related to the territoriality of copyright;
• where required, adapt copyright rules to new technological realities so that the rules continue to meet their objectives.