Next Framework Programme (FP10)


The next Framework Programme for Research is currently referred to as “FP10”, as proxy for name yet to be determined. While "FP10" is still years away, the current interim evaluation of Horizon Europe provides the background for starting reflections on how European research, technology and innovation policies could or should be shaped beyond 2027. In May 2023, the European Commission launched a call for a High Level Group on the interim evaluation of Horizon Europe and expects the group to deliver recommendations for future STI policies in 2024. Member States have started their deliberations on "FP10" under the roof of ERAC, jointly with the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission. In general, 2023 marks the time of collecting fresh, or maybe even radical, ideas regarding "FP10". Official negotiations on the next Framework Programme will only begin in mid-2025, on the basis of a proposal from the then newly composed European Commission. "FP10" will start in 2028, and is expected to have a duration of seven years, until 2034.