The aim of this section is to provide information on accompanying reporting, mainly on the implementation of the Framework Programme.

In recent years, an increase in European monitoring processes has become noticeable. A first stimulus for intensified monitoring emerged from the debate on the research quota in the member states and in Europe. A decision by the European Heads of State or Government launched annual monitoring of progress in the member states on their path towards the 3% R&D quota. Other examples are “ERAWATCH”, which was commissioned to create profiles of national research systems, and “NETWATCH”, which is an instrument for observing cross-border cooperation of public programme owners from the member states. The most recent developments in this context are the “ERA Progress Report” and the Innovation Indicator.

As a reaction to the increasing demand for monitoring instruments at the interface between the national and the European level, an “EU- Performance Monitoring for RTI” has been set up in Austria, as of July 2014.