International Cooperation


International cooperation and mobility have always been of fundamental importance for research and innovation. Today they are more important than ever in order to be part of the rapidly growing field of academic knowledge, to develop it further together in international teams and partnerships, and to address the current and upcoming societal challenges. Pooling resources through bilateral and multilateral partnerships, sharing information and data as well as the dialogue between research, policy and society are vital elements in this context.

At the same time, expanding activities across borders involves a number of risks and challenges that governments and organisations should be aware of, and that they need to manage effectively. At European level, this new “Global Approach to research and innovation” clearly reaffirms the commitment to preserve openness in international research and innovation cooperation on topics of mutual interest, while at the same time promoting a level playing field, ensuring reciprocity and respecting fundamental principles and values such as academic freedom, ethics, integrity and equality.