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Austrian Study on Role of Research and Innovation in National Reform Programme

CREATED ON 13 Jan 2015


In June 2014 ERAC adopted an "Opinion on Member States´ Reporting on Research and Innovation Reforms in View of their National Reform Programmes“. In this Opinion, ERAC proposes presenting the specific role and the expected contribution of R&I to growth and employment in the national context.

Against this background and with regard to the preparation of the Austrian National Reform Programme 2015, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy commissioned a study entitled “Die Rolle von Forschung und Innovation für Beschäftigung und Wachstum: Studie zur Vorbereitung des Nationalen Reformprogramms 2015” (The Role of Research and Innovation for Employment and Growth: Study in Preparation of the National Reform Programme 2015). The study was carried out by Brigitte Ecker, Helmut Gassler, and Jan Grumiller (Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna). The Final Report was presented in December 2014. The study is available in German only.


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