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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

Standing Working Group on Human Resources and Mobility


The Standing Working Group on Human Resources and Mobility of ERAC supports the implementation and the monitoring of progress of the EU2020 Flagship Initiative Innovation Union (IU), as well as the implementation of the European Research Area   in the areas related to researchers’ careers and mobility at EU and national level (e.g. European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, Innovative Doctoral Training, Career Development, EURAXESS activities), as well as to the attractiveness of Europe to researchers in general.

Currently the SWG HRM is focusing on the following issues to developing the ERA:
i) follow-up on ERA priority 3: open labour market for researchers;
ii) open, transparent and merit based recruitment;
iii) Promotion and development of research careers and inter-sectoral mobility of researchers ; and
iv) synergies between ERA and EHEA, with the Open Science agenda and gender equality.

The members of the Standing Working Group will provide information on the overall plans devised at national level for the implementation of the ERA Roadmap. They will also report regularly on the actions undertaken or envisaged to execute these plans, as well as on developments regarding other on-going researcher-related activities.






The group's draft mandate includes the following tasks:

• strengthening mutual learning activities through information exchange, identification of best practices and, where appropriate, the use of peer-reviews;
• defining and using appropriate indicators for monitoring progress, at both national and Community level;
• developing common guidelines where they can reinforce a consistent implementation of actions of common interest or inspire new or improved actions;
• contributing to the definition of Community actions within the ERA Communication;
• liaise with other relevant groups and stakeholders to make better use of existing initiatives, such as the EURAXESS activities by strengthening links with the national Bridgehead Organisations and to ensure effective coordination with activities of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions in the H2020 Excellence pillar,
• with the aim of supporting the coherent development of policies and measures at national level along the IU commitments, the priority lines of action proposed in the “Reinforced European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth”, and of enhancing complementarities and synergies between national and Community actions.
• Promote the dissemination and communication of their activities, reports and actions.



Ms. MARLENE KÖBRUNNER, Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research,

Ms. Kerstin SCHMIDT, Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research,

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