Sectoral Policies


Research and innovation are playing an ever more important role in many other policy areas. Due to this fact, the third objective of the Austrian Council Presidency during the second half of 2018 was to support these sectoral policies. The challenges of our time need modern governance, that is, more cooperation between all policy areas.

The most important sectoral policies from the Austrian Presidency's perspective are those
…where the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations play a role for the future of Europe;
… where a separate research programme for defence is being initiated;
… where the United Kingdom‘s exit from the EU has to be brought to a contractual conclusion in October 2018;
… where research contributes substantially to dealing with health policy issues;
… where economic and technological growth paths are developed, in particular in connection with the digitisation of society, or the exploration of space;
… where education policy enables a new generation of mobility programmes in Europe;
… where the focus is on the interaction between research and responsible citizens;
… where the change of energy systems is of great importance for the future of Europe.