Intellectual Property Agreement Guide

The exchange of know-how and technologies between universities and the industrial community is constantly spawning an ongoing stream of developments and inventions. This process, known as technology and know-how transfer, constitutes one of the key factors for innovation in business. Cooperation between universities and industry occurs in many ways and within a variable legal framework. Frequently, the legal and administrative input required to harmonise collaboration is substantial.

In order to reduce such input, a working group organised by the Austrian universities in cooperation with Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH has set itself the task to draw up a Guideline in the form of a manual with modular units for agreements to cover cooperative ventures between universities and businesses. In its work, the group is guided by previous international experience.

The modular units developed within the scope of the IPAG project can be tailored to individual cases and are generally suitable to customise contractual relationships between researchers, universities and industrial partners with due regard to the interests of all parties involved.

The Guideline considers the novel aspects of the law on service inventions, cartel law, the block exemption regulation for technology transfer and the Community regulations for state funding for research, development and innovation.

This project aims to provide specimen agreements in German and English for the following fields:
1. research cooperation
2. material transfer agreement
3. licensing of patent rights and know-how
4. non-disclosure agreements
5. contract research and development
6. scientific services
7. contract to purchase industrial property rights

For further information on IPAG please visit this website http://www.ipag.at/



Gabriele ANDERST- KOTSIS Johannes Kepler University Linz
Michael HOSCHITZ Medical University of Vienna
Monika VUONG-TU Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH